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Web App
Mobile App

Mobile lock release

We have released mobile version with some of updates and fixation as below:

  • New Security feature (Mobile Lock)
  • Fixing on Overtime flow
  • Update on Employee database: contact employee button enabled
  • Fixing layout on main tab
  • Fixing icon alignment on main tab
  • Adjustment icon on Quick Access
  • Fixing on Attendance Check In/Out
  • Fixing: Sign In button

Weekly maintenance on Web Application

We have made performance enhancements to the web application as part of our weekly maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Version 1.0.7 launches

We have launched the version 1.0.7 mobile app. This version includes

  1. Fix bugs on Leave Module
  2. Fix bugs for Remarks on Leave Module
  3. Fix swipe button on Attendance Module

Version 1.0.6 launches on iOS and Android

We have launched the version 1.0.6 mobile app on the App Store.This version includes:

  1. Fix bugs on Leave Module
  2. Fix bugs on Check In and Check Out
  3. Change the Face Recognition flow
  4. Change the UI layout on Homepage
  5. Fix the UI layout on iOS (only for iOS description)

Bug fixes on all modules

We have fixed some bugs on all modules to improve the better experience on web app.

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